Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Sisters of Battle_Part 2

Its been a while since I posted anything.  Considering I have a lot of free time right now to post more, I haven't, chalk it up to laziness.  I have been working on my Sisters of Battle army for several months and finally got to painting up some character stands.  I repurposed some Knights Paladin I had painted before and gave them a fresh coat to match the rest of the Sisters army and also painted up some Valkyries for the Inquisition.

You will notice the banners on the Character stands.  They are from Shapeways.  They are actually Rhino doors but work well as banners.  I did put some on the back of the Exorcists also.  It really makes the army standout with the banners.  I may get more and put them on the top of the knights.

I used three sets of colours throughout the army Pure Red (Army Painter), Celestra Grey (GW), Retributor Gold (GW).


                                         Living Saint


                                         Knight Castigator

                                         Knight Castigator

                                        Exorcist (back of)

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Sisters vs. Codex Astartes

Sisters of Battle 1.1 Playtest vs. Codex Marines Astartes
May 2, 2018

Mission 6 BS, 2 Celestians, Canoness, Rhinos
Exorcism 5, Hunter 1
Choir 6 seraphim
Retributors – 6 Retributors, 3 Rhinos
Repentance 6 Repentia, mistress, 3 rhinos, immolator justice
Purgeance 6 immolator
Pentinence 6 PE
Pentinence 6 PE
Emperors Chapel 1
Knights Castigator 3
Lightning – 2 strike fighters
Lightning – 2 strike fighters

Imperial Fists
Assault marines 4
Assault marines 4
Tactical – 6, rhino,sc
Tactical – 6, rhinos
Devastator– 4 devastators, hunter
Scouts -4, rhinos
Terminators 4
Predators Annihilator- 4
Land Speeders – 5
Bikes - 5
Thunderhawk 1
Thunderhawk 1

This is the second game with the Sisters and first with version 1.1 (the official playtest list).  My usual sparing partner decided to play Codex Astartes.  We did 3000pts and played at Six Feet Under in New Holland PA. For this list I wanted to have AP and AT shots with good to hit rolls.  The Chapel, Lightning strikes and Exorcists fill the AT slot, the rest of the army is mainly AP.  The deployment was from left to right(see picture below). 
Chapel, Penitence Engine, Battlesisters, Immolators (directly behind Repentia), Exorcists,Penitent Engines, Retributors, Knights(Castigators).  In reserve Seraphims and Lightning Strikes(2 units).

Space marines(left to right, opposite of Sisters):
Land Speeders, Bikes, Devastators, Tactical (Sc) (in front Predators), Tactical, Scouts (garrisoning in woods,overwatch).  In reserve Thunderhawks (assault marines), Thunderhawks (assault marines), Terminators.
Objectives:  The Sisters objectives were spread out, while the marine objectives were put into a triangle position on my half of the table.

Turn One:
The marines won the first turn and he moved his land speeders forward and shot my Chapel which suffered a blast marker,  I summoned my Lightning strikes and took out two predators.  I moved my chapel forward and fired at the Land speeders taking out two.  Marines went on the offensive and assaulted my Penitents on the left with a THawk and Assault marines.  The Penitents lost and broke moving away (yeah fearless).  The Thawk formation with BMs now was assaulted by Battle Sisters and were defeated (wiped to a single stand).  In the center I moved my Immolators and Exorcist, causing some BMs on the predator unit and a BM on the Scout unit.  I sent in the other Lightning strikes and they took out the remaining Land Speeders after my chapel took out a few earlier.  Retributors doubled and took out a few tactical stands on my right. 
At the end of turn One: 1 wiped out Thawk and Assault marines, Land speeders Broken Penitent Engines

Turn Two:
The marines won again and Terminators teleported near by Blitz, surrounded by Repentias and Penitent Engines.  The termies fired at the Repentia and killed a few.  They retain and send in the Thawk and Assault marines on my chapel.  The chapel loses and breaks (fearless rocks).  Now the sisters went on the offensive. The Penitents on the right advanced and fired at the Termies killing a stand.  The Repentia advanced for assaults next turn.  Exorcist and Lightning Strike fired at the devastator squad taking out some vehicles (including AA). Retributors advanced and broke a tactical squad on its right.  The Lightning strike took out layed more BM on a tactical squad.  The battle sisters being the beasts they are assaulted the Thawk that attacked the chapel and wiped it out( love firefights).
At end of turn two: Thawk and Assault Marines wiped out, Broken Chapel, Tacticals.

Turn Three:
Things were not looking good for marines they were already down several activations, however I still needed to secure the objectives and break as many units as possible and leave me with enough units to get the objectives.  This time the Sisters won and did a retain initiative.  I assaulted with the Repentia on the Termies and lost combat they broke and retreated but took some marines in the process.  The termies were down to two stands.  I than assaulted with the Penitents and beat the marines who broke and were wiped out.  The Retributors took out the tactical squad (ie destroyed).  The seraphims which teleported at the start of the turn assaulted the bike squad, however they received two blast markers teleporting before combat.  They won the combat wiped out the bikes but lost two models and were broken.  The rest of the turn had the fighters taking out lone single model Predator unit and some more devastator squads while the army got 4 objectives (they did not get ‘Break Their spirit)

Final Score
Sisters of Battle 4
Codex Astartes – 0