Monday, December 9, 2019

Epic Armageddon Sisters of Battle vs Imperial Fists

Sisters of Battle  vs. Imperial Fist. 3000 pmts

Sisters of Battle 2.1(SOB)
8 mission rhinos
5 exorcist, 1 hunter
5 exorcist, 1 hunter
6 retribution, Chapel
6 retribution, chapel
6 retribution, repressors
6 Penitent Engines
6 Penitent Engines
5 Penitent Engines
2 Lightning strikes
2 Lightning strikes

Imperial Fist (IF)
5 Land Speeders
5 Land Speeders
6 Tactical, rhinos, 1 vindicator
4 Scouts, rhinos
4 devastor, LR Achilles
4 whirlwinds
3 hyperion
6 tactical, bunkers, thud guns,
4 centurions, devastor,
4 centurions, assault
4 centurions, assault

See photos of battle setup.

Turn 1 won by Imperial Fist (IF)

IF won the first turn but elected for the SOB to take the first turn.

With AA on the back line and units outside the bubble, I sent in both units of lightning strikes o take out land speeders on each flank,  Blast markers and a few dead land speeders.

IF indirected his thud guns into my right flank Penitents hiding in the woods after they marched to cover and broke them.

SOB center of Mission sisters advanced behind a hill
Left Flank Penitents advanced into the woods, ready to pounce on any enemy close by.
IF Scouts moved forward over the hill on the SOB left flank jumping out of their rhinos and laying a blast marker on the penitents in the woods.  
My Chapel on the left flank doubled and laid a barrage on the scouts causing no wounds.
Then exorcist moved up on the left flank and took out the scout rhinos.
Exorcist on the right flank moved and fired at the tactical marines opposite them.  Took out a rhino.
IF centurion devastators moved from overwatch in the center and took out a exorcist on my right flank.
Retributions on the right in repressors doubled and laid BM on the tactical squad opposite, also ready for a FF assault next turn.  IF countered moving in land speeders who took out some retributions.  Messy melee next turn.

IF moved some centurion assault units forward and played a blast marker on the retributions on the left flank.
Lightning strikes on the way out got shot and lost one stand from a unit.  The other went off the opponents board edge to avoid AA fire.

The first turn was jockeying for position and trying to react to opponent moves instead of being too aggressive.

Turn 2.
The IF won and went first.
His tactical squad on my right flank assaulted the retributions in CC and FF with land speeder support.  The retributors broke then were destroyed in the roll off.

 I sent in the single lightning strike and took out some more land speeders on my left flank but couldn’t break them
The other went after the rhinos in the tactical squad on my right and played a BM on them.

My chapel on the right doubled through some woods and appeared on the other side shooting up some centurion deviators killed only only two they 
In return fired back at my retributors/chapel and broke them.  The chapel retreated into the woods.

In the center my exorcist doubled up and took out the hyperions
The left side chapel advanced and took out some centurion assault squads who advanced out of the woods.
The IF thud guns in the bunker indirected at my Chapel/Retributor and caused a two blast markers.
The IF Devestator advanced from their baseline and took out the Exorcist on my right flank, breaking them

At this point my right flank was mostly broken and not in good shape, but he did not have enough to really cause me to much trouble.
This whole turn and game for that matter, lots of 1’s were rolled for initiatives and rally checks.  This effected the IF player more since he had no Supreme Commander.

On the left my penitent engines moved out and flamed some scouts, breaking them.
On the left flank I had complete control.  Exorcist, Chapel, penitent engines, Mission Sisters pretty much in tact, while the only thing left was some small infantry units and land speeders.

Turn three will be the knock out blow for the Imperial Fists.

Turn 3:
Saw the IF win again and went first.  They were down activations and scrambling.  IF attempted to activate the deviator squad and they rolled 1.
I flew in my lightning strikes and took out land speeders on my right.
Advanced the Exorcist on the left and took out the whirlwinds(suppressed enough)

The Penitents on the left flank assaulted Centurions and and with retribution support they won combat and broke them.
The Retribution/chapel moved and and broke another centurion unit.

On my right he doubled his centurion devastors near an objective on my half.  I doubled my penitents in the center and flamed some breaking them.

At this point it was victory condition check.  I only managed to get Take and Hold (2 objectives on opponents side), the IF got nothing.
We called it due to time.  1-0 Sisters over Imperial Fists.

This list I liked due to the aggressiveness and the safety of war engines.  I have been playing with two exorcist units for a while and I like it.
I tried two Chapels because I played a game with only one and I like the units purpose.  Load them with retributors and you have yourself 
A nice clear the enemy AP unit.  Though you have to double to get into range, you should only have to do that once then pretty much anything should be in range.
I took two to put one on each flank with the same load out.  The penitents did what they always do, attract attention, get shot up, break, rally and beat up enemy in CC.
As for my plan of 36 of them.  Might hold off on that army though 15-20 in an army is ideal.

Overall the Chapels are costed right and fit into the army just fine.

Next Victim please

Thursday, December 5, 2019

2019 Year End and some progress

So the year is almost done.  I was planning on what to work on after the Fall In tournament.  I was able to finish a tray of the Conan Miniatures.  So now I only have 5 more trays to go, though some contain less miniatures than the one in the picture.  I also got some Space Marines for Epic and planning on putting together a Death Watch list.  Since I am the Army Champion for them I need a army to use and the Death Watch have some cool possibilities.  So playtesting and building out the army is in the works.  You can see from the pictures I dug into my shelf and got my Man O' War stuff out.  It is a great fun game by GW and I plan on updating the models, basing them and painting the rest of the models for a huge Chaos fleet. 

Fall In 2019 Tournament Pictures

I wasn't able to take as many pictures as Dave was.  So here is the link for the Fall In 2019 Epic Tournament pictures by Dave.