Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Sisters of Battle_Part 2

Its been a while since I posted anything.  Considering I have a lot of free time right now to post more, I haven't, chalk it up to laziness.  I have been working on my Sisters of Battle army for several months and finally got to painting up some character stands.  I repurposed some Knights Paladin I had painted before and gave them a fresh coat to match the rest of the Sisters army and also painted up some Valkyries for the Inquisition.

You will notice the banners on the Character stands.  They are from Shapeways.  They are actually Rhino doors but work well as banners.  I did put some on the back of the Exorcists also.  It really makes the army standout with the banners.  I may get more and put them on the top of the knights.

I used three sets of colours throughout the army Pure Red (Army Painter), Celestra Grey (GW), Retributor Gold (GW).


                                         Living Saint


                                         Knight Castigator

                                         Knight Castigator

                                        Exorcist (back of)

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