Monday, July 1, 2019

Mid Year Update..what took so long

Well its been over six months since I last posted, however it does not mean I have not been doing anything hobby related since then.  The time flew as the new job took more out of me than I thought but thats okay.  I was able to make progress in many hobby activities such as painting, playing and purchasing.

On the purchase front, I picked up a slew of SAGA books.  The Book of Battles, Age of Arthur and Age of Magic.  I now have a reason to pull out my 28mm Fantasy figures and play Age of Magic.
SAGA is a very good game and very tactical with each faction having a battle board with abilities.  You roll special dice with symbols and place them on your battle board in order to activate abilities.  The game plays fast and has lots of various scenarios to keep the game fresh.  Highly recommend it, plus I can demo if anybody is interested.

I also picked up the Battle for Earth Dropzone and Dropfleet supplement.  The new Dropzone 2.0 rules are in the book along with a new Resistance Fleet for Dropfleet and new Space Ships for UCM, PHR, Scourge and Shaltari along with an advanced timeline of the Dropzone and Dropfleet Universe.  The game is 10mm and plays fast and again has lots of scenarios to keep it fresh and exciting.  I highly recommend it, plus I can demo if anybody is interested.

On the figure front I have picked up more Leven miniature resin buildings in 6mm.  The casting quality is excellent and the buildings paint up nicely.

Onto painting, well most of my painting was for the Titans for Adeptus Titanicus.  I was able to get two Warlords, Two Reavers and Four Warhounds painted up.  Along with some Corvus Black Star for Epic Death Watch army(which I was playtesting for a while).  I was also able to finish up some figures for the Conan boardgame.  I was also able to paint up a bunch of Japanese style buildings in 10mm.

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